Is your staff trained in dementia care?

Yes. All employees have an initial training period on dementia, learning about the disease, behaviors and how to redirect upon hire and are required to participate in additional training sessions throughout the year.

What type of activities do you provide?

We provide a wide range of therapeutic activities that are designed to meet the current functional abilities of the residents. The programming ranges from music and pet therapies to arts and crafts, exercise class, religious services, sensory stimulation and one-on-one visitations. The activity staff are in the facility 7 days a week, 12 hours a day.

What security can you provide for wanderers?

Our exit doors are locked at all times. We also use the Secure Care System where self-ambulating residents are fitted with a signal-transmitting ankle bracelet that sounds an alarm when passing through an open door. For residents requiring increased supervision, Foundation Park Alzheimer’s Care Center has Resident Activity Monitors whose sole function is to watch residents for behaviors that could be of danger to the resident.

Are residents grouped with like residents?

Yes. Foundation Park Alzheimer’s Care Center is a “clustered” facility. Upon admission we assign resident living accommodations based upon the pre-admission assessments. Residents assigned to like areas share activity and dining rooms.

What is your resident/staff ratio?

Foundation Park Alzheimer’s Care Center has 24 hour Registered Nurse (RN) Supervision with 3 Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN’s) on the first and second shift and three LPN’s on the third shift. Additionally we staff the first and second shift with State Tested Nursing Assistants (STNA) to provide an average resident-to-Aide ratio of 1:8, and 1:15 on the third shift.

Do you provide therapy?

Yes. We contract with Encore Rehabilitation Services to provide Speech, Physical and Occupational therapy 7 days a week.

Do you allow residents to leave the building with family?

Yes. Except when contraindicated by the physician.

How often is a resident bathed?

Residents are on a schedule to be bathed/showered routinely two times per week. However, a resident’s needs may require additional bathing. Sponge/bed baths are provided on alternate days.

Do you have RN’s around the clock?


Who is your medical director?

Dr. Stephen Bazeley is our Medical Director. Drs. Bruss, Goveia and Siders, which form the Waterville Family Physicians, assist him.