Alzheimer’s / Dementia Care

The appropriate stages of Alzheimer’s disease and related Dementia disorders that Foundation Park Alzheimer’s Care Center provides care and services to will vary from the early stages to the end stages.

Comprehensive Rehabilation

Rehabilitative nursing care is provided for each resident admitted.

General rehabilitative nursing care is that which does not require the use of a qualified professional therapist to render such care.

Nursing personnel are trained in rehabilitative nursing care. Our facility has an active program of rehabilitative nursing which is developed and coordinated through the resident’s care plan.

The facility’s rehabilitative nursing care program is designed to assist each resident to achieve and maintain an optimal level of self-care and independence. Rehabilitative nursing care is performed daily for those residents who require this service. This program includes, but is not limited to:

    • Maintaining good body alignment and proper positioning;
    • Encouraging and assisting bedfast residents to change positions at least every two hours (day and night) to stimulate circulation and to prevent decubitus ulcers, contractures and deformities;
    • Making every effort to keep residents active and out of bed for reasonable periods of time, except when contraindicated by physicians’ orders, and encouraging residents to achieve independence in activities of daily living by teaching self care and ambulation activities;
    • Assisting residents to carry out prescribed therapy exercises between visits of the therapists;
    • Assisting residents with their routine range of motion exercises;
    • Training for Bowel and bladder; and
    • Others as prescribed by the resident’s attending physician.

Skilled Nursing Care

Foundation Park Alzheimer’s Care Center participates in both the Medicaid and Medicare programs.

There is Registered Nurse services 24 hours per day, every day.

Occupational, Physical and Speech therapy services are provided to meet every individual’s needs.

Laboratory, Radiology, Podiatric, Dental, and Licensed Registered Dietician services are provided to meet every individual’s needs.

Respite / Short Stay Options

Admission to Foundation Park Alzheimer’s Care Center may be for short stays.

The Respite/Short Stay Option provides an interval of temporary relief for the care giver of the everyday care giving tasks.

The Respite/Short Stay admission requires a minimum of a two week stay and may be repeated as often as needed.

Dining Program

As individuals with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementia disorders travel through the disease, they often experience significant weight loss. This can be caused by several factors including:

    • Losing the swallow reflex
    • Forgetting they are hungry
    • Wandering
    • Using utensils ineffectively

Some of the ways Foundation Park’s Meal Assistance Program addresses these issues are by:

    • Providing a small and quiet dining environment
    • Serving one item at a time
    • Using tactile stimulation
    • Honoring food preferences

Activity Program

Our Activity Program provides opportunities for everyone to participate at his/her level of functioning. Our program offers a variety and balance in the programming efforts so there is something for everyone on a regular basis. Success is based on the enjoyment of the activity itself not on task completion. Activities consist of programs that will enhance stimulate and maintain functional abilities of our Residents.

Activities basic needs are Social, Intellectual, Spiritual, Physical, Creative, and RSVP {one to one visits). Activities are here 9 am to 8:30 pm. with an activity cart full of things staff can do with resident after that. Activities are here to enhance quality of life by providing a variety of opportunities and activities for our residents.

We are certified in the Music and Memory Program. It’s all about bringing joy into the lives of people suffering from Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia and a wide range of cognitive physical impairments.

With the use of i-Pod shuffles individuals can listen to the type of music they enjoy. By using the shuffles may help reduce depression, pain and antipsychotic usage. The part of the brain that possesses music and memory is the last part of the brain to be affected by Alzheimer’s which is why people with this disease are unable to recollect what happened in the last hour but can remember the words of their favorite song.


The activity director is responsible for the scheduling of all activity functions. Persons or organizations requesting activity time must be referred to the activity director so that scheduling can be properly made. A listing of activities scheduled for the month are posted in the residents room and on our main calendar located in the main hall. A copy of the current months’ calendar is available upon request.

Volunteer Opportunities

    • Volunteers are encouraged to participate in conducting our resident activity programs.
    • Volunteers are recruited from civic clubs, social and church organizations, student organizations, family members and by word of mouth.
    • If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, ask for our activity director for a volunteer application form.

Social Services

Our facility provides medically-related social services to assure that each resident can attain or maintain his/her highest practicable physical, mental, or psychosocial well-being.

Medically-related social services is provided to maintain or improve each resident’s ability to control everyday physical needs (e.g., appropriate adaptive equipment, vision and hearing services) and mental and psychosocial needs (e.g., sense of identity, coping abilities and sense of meaningfulness or purpose).


Foundation Park Alzheimer’s Care Center believes that people with dementia deserve to live with dignity and choice. We promote this belief by providing a secured environment, structured activities and monitoring of resident activity.

    • Secured Environment; Foundation Park Alzheimer’s Care Center has secured all exit doors with magnetic locking devices that remain locked at all times. This prevents residents to exit the facility without supervision.
    • Structured Activities; Foundation Park Alzheimer’s Care Center provides a consistent and structured daily schedule to minimize both confusion and anxiety.
    • Resident Monitoring; Foundation Park Alzheimer’s Care Center’s staff provides a regular routine in all areas of care and programming. Additionally, we have supplemented our staff with specially trained personnel to monitor resident activity to promote resident dignity and choice.

Family Support & Education

Foundation Park Alzheimer’s Care Center’s Family Forum provides opportunities through out the year for families and loved ones to learn more about Alzheimer’s disease and related Dementia disorders. The Family Forum is a good time for families and loved ones to network with each other and develop support systems.


Residents are billed on a monthly basis. The billing statement includes an itemized listing of services and charges for:

    • Private room rates;
    • Medical supplies not covered under the facility’s basic
    • Medicare/Medicaid daily reimbursement rate;
    • Medications not provided under the facility’s basic Medicare/Medicaid daily reimbursement rate;
    • Other personal services requested by the resident that are not included in the resident’s Medicare/Medicaid benefits (e.g., barber/beauty shop, cosmetics, etc.)

Charges for non-covered items provided by outside services will be billed directly to the resident or representative (sponsor), government agencies, etc., as the case may be.

Hospice Care

Our facility has entered into four contractual arrangements for hospice services to ensure that residents who wish to participate in a hospice program may do so.

When a resident participates in the hospice program, a coordinated plan of care between the facility, hospice agency and resident/family will be developed and shall include directives for managing pain and other uncomfortable symptoms. The care plan shall be revised and updated as necessary to reflect the resident’s current status.

All hospice services are provided under contractual arrangement. Complete details outlining the responsibilities of the facility and the hospice agency are contained in this agreement. A copy of this agreement is on file in the business office and hospice agency.


    • Private and Shared Accommodations.
    • Housekeeping and Laundry Services.
    • Barber/Beauty Shop.
    • Secured Doors.
    • Podiatry, Dental, Psychological Services